Slovenia – practically

How to find your way through Slovenia.

  • There are hairdressers in every village.

  • Bars and bakeries are omnipresent.

  • Shops (Mercador) are easy to find.

  • It’s very easy to find somebody speaking English.

  • The roads are like in Poland. And it’s not a compliment.

  • I never had a cycling path longer than 5km.

  • No stray dogs.

  • It’s easy to find a place for the tent in people’s gardens.



Dober dan – Hello

Hvala – Thank you

Nasvidenje – Goodbye

Adio – Goodbye

Levo – Left

Desno – Right

Naravnost – Straight

Kako pridem do …? – How to get to …?


The note that I showed to people when asking to pitch my tent in their garden.

Dober dan!

Moje ime je … . Prihajam z Poljske. Kolesarim v … . Lahko posavim šotor na Vaŝem vrtu za eno noč?




My name is … . I’m from Poland. I’m cycling to … . Can I put up the sent in your garden for one night?

Thank you

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