Kyrgyzstan – practically

Entering the country

You can stay for 60 days without visa.

Border crossings

Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan: (Karakul – Sary Tash) All the formalities are limited to a stamp in your passport and that’s it.

Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan: (Karkara) The same as when entering the country.

– Kyrgyz people are very kind and hospitable.

– Main roads are rather good. Smaller roads are much worse.

– Local drivers drive quite recklessly. You need to keep to the right side of the road. However, I consider exaggerated all the stories about Kyrgyzstan being too dangerous for cyclists.

– ATM’s exist only in bigger towns and cities.

– There are plenty of roadside restaurants. You can also bring your own food and ask for it to be prepared (a fee will be demanded). Sometimes you can also stay for the night.

– You can easily communicate in Russian.

– In summer horses and cattle are taken to the mountains for grazing. You can try kumys and dairy products in the yurts.

– On the Southern side of Issyk-kul lake there’s a small salt lake. Water really pushes you up and you can put black mud from the shore on your body as a DIY SPA treatment.

– Local cuisine is quite various for Central Asia. I recommand lagman.

– The Internet is weak. In hostels in tourists spots they have WI-FI which works good.

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