Kazakhstan – practically

I only got to know a very small piece of Kazakhstan so my observation regard the road between Kyrgyz border and Almaty.


You can stay for 30 days without visa.

Border crossings

Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan: (Karkara) All you have to do is to get your entry stamp.

Kazakhstan: (Almaty – airport) Everything goes like everywhere in the world. You just get a departure stamp in the passport.

– Main roads are quite OK.

– ATM’s exist only in bigger towns.

– You can easily communicate in Russian.

– Kazakh drivers seem to drive more carefully than their neighbours.

– Roadside shops offer a wider range of products than in other post-Soviet republics.

– The Internet isn’t flawless.

– There are almost no dogs.

– Sharyn Canyon: You have to pay an entrance fee at the gate (around 750 tenge). You can camp for free. You can also rent a yurt or a bungalow. There’s a restaurant where you can eat but prices are higher than in other places.

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