Greece – practically

Rules for travelling in Greece:

  • Greece is a country of amazing bakeries.
  • There are lots of dogs: guard, shepherd, stray. Most of them like to run after a cyclist and bark loudly.
  • Road conditions differ: some are decent, some are really good. But wherever there was a need to dig the road (and trust me, there always was), it’s never patches properly.
  • Cycling paths is an unknown term in Greece. When I once unexpectedly found one in a small town, it turned out that  Greeks had found a new use for it: parking spot for scooters.
  • Football fans like to manifest their love for their favourite teams on road signs so sometimes it’s difficult to read anything on them.
  • Shops, bars and ATMs are widely available.
  • Entering Athens from the West is relatively painless. Exiting to the North means two days of cycling through suburbs and among hangars and warehouses.
  • When you ask Greeks for directions, they will raise their left hand and say: ‘turn right’. Make sure what exactly they mean.
  • Greeks appreciate it when you can order a coffee and say two things about yourself in Greek.
  • Fruit and vegetables are wonderfully juicy and tasty. It’s worth to try them all.

In Greece I went on a new level and instead of waving a paper note, I learnt how to ask what I want in Greek. I won’t claim it’s perfect Greek, but I was always understood.

Ime turista apotim Polonija. Tha itela ipnos me skini konda spiti. Ime ena kurica, konda ikojenia asfalia. Efharisto.

I’m a tourist from Poland. I’d like to sleep in a tent near your house. I’m one girl, near a family it’s safe. Thank you.

Kalimera – Good morning

Kalispera – Good evening

Efharisto – Thank you

Parakalo – Please

Kalioristi – Enjoy your meal

Jamas – Cheers

Dhen katalava – I don’t understand

Oreo – Beautiful

Kalo – Good

Podhilato – Bicycle

Aristera – Left

Dhexia – Right

Efhia – Straight

Skini – Tent

Dromo – Road, street

Poli – A lot

Ligo – A little

Mikro – Small

Megalo – Big

Ethniki odos – Highway

Psumi – Bread

Afga – Eggs

Nero – Water

Kreas – Meat

Tyri – Cheese

Spiti – House

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  1. Bicyclosis says:

    I ‘ve toured extensively in Greece (as I am Greek) and I find your comments very accurate!

    1. Joanna says:

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Marios says:

    i am greek too but i don’t know the word ” Kalioristi” where did you hear this?

    1. Joanna says:

      Well, everywhere. How do you say ‘bon appetit’ then?

      1. Marios says:

        oh, you mean “kali oreksi”, i didn’t undertand

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