Czech Republic – practically

These are a few observations from my cycling experience in Czech Republic:

  • Great cycling paths. You can find them here (you need to zoom in closely to see them).
  • No stray dogs.
  • At weekends a lot of shops and services are closed.
  • Along cycling routes (and towns) there are  inns where you can eat and drink cheaply.
  • There are lots of cyclists so you can always find somebody who will give you directions.
  • Czechs are very kind and helpful.
  • But you won’t find easily somebody who will let you camp in their garden.
  • Tourist information are even in small towns. They have better or worse cycling maps and will store your bike (unless it’s Mikulov).


  • Dobrý den – Hello
  • Dêkuji – Thank you
  • Stan – Tent
  • Mozu zde stanovac? – Can I put up my tent here?
  • Rovnê – Straight
  • Doleva – Left
  • Doprava – Right
  • Na krizovatce – On the crossroad
  • Na kole – By bike
  • Kolik? – How much?
  •  Cyclostezka – Cycling path
  • Cesta – Road
  • Hlavna cesta – Main road

If you have the superpower to speak Polish (like I do), you won’t have problems with communicating.


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