Croatia – practically

How to cycle through Croatia painlessly.

– In Istria everybody speaks Italian, so it’s easy to communicate (if you speak Italian, that is).

– If you speak Polish, you won’t have problems either.

– Croats are very hospitable.

– On the coast there are lots of fruit and vegetable stalls, but inland no.

– Apart from the coast shops are only in bigger villages/towns. It’s not that easy to find ATMs either.

– You can meet an occasional dog on the loose in the villages but no bad memories for us.

– It’s worth to try local products (cheese, milk, alcohol, fruit and vegetables ecc.)

– On local roads (away from the coast!) there is very little traffic as everybody speeds on highways.


Dobar dan – Good morning

Hvala – Thank you

Lijepo – Nice

Do videnja- Goodbye

Trgovina, butiga- Shop

Ravno – Straight

Ljevo – Left

Desno – Right

Cesta – Road

Autoput – Highway

Kruh – Bread

Šator – Tent

Note for asking to stay for the night:

Dobar dan!

Mi smo dvije djevojke iz Poljske. Putujemo biciklama do Istambula. Budite ljubazni, dali bi mogle prespavati jednu noć u Vašem dvorištu, imamo svoj šator.

Puno hvala.


We are two girls from Poland. We’re cycling to Istambul. Could we sleep in Your garden for one night? We’ve got our own tent.

Thanks a lot

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