Austria – practically

What I saw from the road and what life taught me.

  • There are no local shops. Every two, three villages there’s a supermarket.
  • In absolutely every village there’s Raiffeisen bank.
  • It’s more difficult to meet people on the streets as everybody is at home/work or in the car.
  • No stray dogs.
  • Starting in Central Austria there are bars/pubs in every village. You can smoke inside.
  • Cycling paths and roads are impeccable.
  • Cycling path R1 goes through the whole Burgenland and it’s impossible to loose it. I took it for three quarters of Austria but in the South it will take you on every hill along the way (including those of 15% ascent).
  • Don’t use the post. I would have send an elephant in Poland for what I paid here for sending a couple of maps back home.


Guten Tag – Hello

Danke –Thank you

Auf Wüdersehen – Goodbye

Rechts – Right

Links – Left

Mitte Gerade – Straight

Wü komme ich nach…? – How to get to…?

Kann ich hier übernachten im Zelt für 1 Nacht? – Can I put up a tent here for one night?


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  1. 김희영 says:

    can we smoke inside? that’s really good news. in korea you can NOT smoke on your own apartment balcony because of the physical laws, you know.. smoke is lighter than air, goes up up up to upstairs .;;;;;;;

  2. Joanna says:

    Wow, weird laws in Korea.

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